Memories and Inspiration

Unlike many who find it easy to work from home, itu2019s not been easy for me. I cannot really do much from my own house other than write and give advice and of course redo and redecorate as much as possible without killing the husband and children

While pottering around my home, Iu2019ve realized and appreciated how much my home is surrounded by memories and how these memories have calmed me and made me appreciate life and time even more. Every home has memories; some you bring and some you create. Without this your house may be magazine worthy; beautiful but cold.

Daliu2019s Persistence of a Memory

When you look at an old photo or see a souvenir you can go back in date, time and place for certain events. Psychologists call this an individualu2019s semantic memory. However, walking around my home I can do much more than that. I can relive it as if were from inside with the smells, sights and sounds u2013 every sensory moment in detail.

Every home has a design influence and mine is a combination of my childhood memories along with travel. My childhood home is a collectoru2019s delight and it is my mother who taught me to love the eclectic. To admire the hand woven basket as much as the Wedgewood tea set (if not more!).