Founded in 1970 in Gujranwala City, Casio Cookware is sharply delineated Pakistan brand with a global point of view, taking its cue from Shinetheme itself.


Our Story

Casio Cookware is generating complete series of solutions for your Kitchens and cooking interests. We are here to get you a better cooking experience with our proficiency and modernization.

Life is all about getting experiences and sharing with friends and family. A single day without them is not possible. A home is the most relaxed place in this world because it has a “KITCHEN” the place that you need to be more calm and striking.
Casio is the leading brand in Pakistan and we believed in quality equals universal principles. Our morality, desire, abilities, and sophisticated designs made our products dissimilar from our Challengers. We aim and assurance to serve our clientele in the same fashion and satisfy their cooking needs with our prominent products.

At Casio, we do lifestyle

The Founders

Sarfraz Ahmed Siddiqui